A Note from the Pastor – Sept. 16

Fr. Ricardo Chinchilla, CJM

Dishonest steward … a model?

In this Sunday’s Gospel it is evident that Jesus does not present us with the steward as a model for his dishonesty but for his craftiness. Indeed, at the heart of the text is the Savior’s bitter observation that “the children of this world are craftier than the children of light.” The disciples should have the same readiness, skill, and passion for welcoming and proclaiming the Kingdom of God.

It seems that the master wants to give us a jolt and wake us up from a low-key religion where we prefer to hide, protect ourselves and go unnoticed.

The Gospel calls us to newness, and we must learn to be guided by the Spirit; more precisely, the only authentic skill of the children of light: to live the Gospel.

This week, find a clever way to be a blessing for someone.