A Note from the Pastor – Sept. 23

Fr. Ricardo Chinchilla, CJM

Healthy relationships and fellowship

Jesus’ proclamation of the Father’s Kingdom doesn’t want to create division between rich and poor, husband and wife, master and servant, Jew and pagan, righteous and sinner. Jesus is not saying that the rich are automatically destined for hell, and the poor are automatically destined for eternal salvation. However, we all need to master our selfishness! We all, rich or poor, must avoid “sclero-cardia” (Hardened hearts).

It is the experience of communion in the gratuitousness of love, which we can realize day after day by freely deciding to weave relationships of friendship, compassion, and solidarity with everyone, starting with those who might be suffering. The purpose of our fleeting life in this world is to reduce as much as possible the chasms of separation created by selfishness in our human relationships.

If mending with friends or acquaintances is needed, be a healer this week.