Prayers to St. Joseph

Feast Day – March 19th by St. John Eudes St. Joseph, we offer you our hearts. Unite them to yours and to that of Jesus and Mary, asking them to grant that this union be inviolable and eternal. Amen. We greet you, Joseph, image of God the Father.We greet you, Joseph, father of God the […]

Sacristy Remodel – St. James

The remodel of our sacristy began March 1st and is well underway! The project is expected to take one to two months. Some things to consider: Since work will happen Mon-Fri from 6:30am to 2:30pm, daily Mass (Mon-Fri) has resumed on the Patio of the Bells, until the construction noise is non-impactful to indoor Mass.  Saturday 8:30am Mass and […]