Diocese of San Diego

Message from the Bishop!

On June 17, Bishop Robert McElroy lifted all the restrictions that the Catholic Diocese of San Diego had imposed in the last 15 months to slow the spread of the pandemic, effective immediately. In a letter to priests, the Bishop said he was acting after weighing the current state of public health, recent changes in […]

Message from the Bishop

“On this tragic day on which we have witnessed a violent and insurrectionist assault upon the heart of our democracy, we must dedicate ourselves to completely transforming our political and cultural life so as to emphasize unity over division, dialogue over confrontation, and character over political and personal gain. We are in the midst of […]


At our Bishop’s request, and in the spirit of caution, we will be celebrating the Eucharist by means of the host only until further notice. Please refrain from receiving communion on the tongue. During the sign of peace, we ask you to be prudent during this time of uncertainty. Low gluten hosts will continue to be […]