Saints Thrift Store

If you have never taken a full inventory of what is in the Thrift Store you might be surprised. In addition to very gently used adult clothing we have a large assortment of small kitchen appliances. Rice cookers, coffee and cappuccino makers, crock pots, pressure cookers, toasters, barbecue tools and all kinds of kitchen utensils. Currently most of these items are in the left garage behind the main store. 

In addition to our jewelry counter where we sell costume pieces at a fraction of retail you will also find designer handbags, shoes and decor items from major chain stores that are stylish and in good condition. Before heading to the mall please take a quick pass through the store and be sure to say hi. If you are looking for anything special we will locate it for you or keep an eye out when new items are donated.

Many many thanks for your patronage and continued support.


St. Leo and St James Thrift store has entered into an agreement with Operation Book Support. They are assisting us in the sale of books. We received our first check today and it has been a real gift for the store.

We are asking for books and video games. Ones that are especially easy to resell. Examples are boxed sets, videos in Spanish, anything published by a university press and assorted video games. Recent books that are still in mass production are not in particularly high demand and cannot be resold through our partner.

Thanks to the congregation and all donors for everything you bring us and helping us make OPERATION BOOK SUPPORT A HUGE SUCCESS.


As we approach reopening on a grander scale we have noticed at the Thrift Store a return of many of our regular customers. We need to get the store stocked and in tip top shape to take advantage of what lies ahead. 

We need gently used household decor items, and, the jewelry case could use replenishing. We do very well with jewelry at the store and have many customers who check the case on every trip. 

We have backstock of shoes and books and ask that you not bring those at this time.

Thanks to our donor community, you are the lifeblood of our store, and thanks to our treasured volunteers who have kept the store open during this difficult time.

We continue to ask for volunteers, with a special need on Saturdays and Mondays.


Serves the local community by providing affordable clothing and home goods.

817 Academy Dr.
Solana Beach
Store: 858-755-0654

Hours: Monday – Saturday
10am – 4pm
Donations until 3pm

We continue to ask for extra hands to help us at the store. For details on volunteering, please contact Mary Filler