Music Ministry

Music Ministry is composed of singers (soprano, alto, tenor & bass) and various instrumentalists who perfect their talent in rehearsal time, empowering them to engage “full, active participation” of all the faithful assembled to worship the Lord during Mass.

If God has blessed you with a talent in singing or playing an instrument & you are age 13 or above, please contact Pauline Wright to audition by singing Amazing Grace or Happy Birthday on her voicemail: please leave your name and contact info as well! Pauline will listen to your pitch & vocal range or arrange to meet with you after one of our weekend liturgies to play your musical instrument for her.

During Christmas time, we also offer a Children’s Choir and numerous opportunities for teens, youth and students home from college who have, in the past, been in Music Ministry at St. James to sing for one of our festive liturgies!

We intend to form a new monthly TEEN Sunday 5 pm Ensemble, so don’t hide your talent!

Pauline Wright, Director of Music Ministries
858.755.2545 ext. *300

Mass Schedule as of June 2021