Youth Confirmation

Confirmation preparation is a two-year process within the high school years. This two-year formation process is based on the principles set forth in the National Conference of Catholic Bishops’ document Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry. Our Confirmation process is not only preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, we focus on the importance of youth becoming active members of their Catholic Church Community. 

REGISTER for Year 1 & 2!
(Registrations for 2021-2022 will open May 2021)

A parent must complete the online registration. Please note that you should have the following ready:
– Baptism info (must provide a copy of Baptismal certificate some time soon)
– First Communion information (i.e. date & church info)
– Health information of youth (i.e. date of shots, medication & insurance info)
– Emergency Contact Info (someone besides parents)

Confirmation Fees: $125
Pay online at Click: “Online Giving”,
FUND: Youth Ministry,

2020-2021 Confirmation Program:
In addition to their Confirmation session (‘class’), youth are also expected to attend one monthly youth night on the 2nd Sunday of the month. We invite all youth, and their families, to attend the 6PM Mass at St. James every Sunday (this mass has been postponed during the pandemic) as this is our Youth Mass (we encourage teens to help serve at this Mass).

Year 1 Candidates:

  • Meets every first and third Sunday from October 4, 2020 to May 30, 2021 from 7:00PM to 8:15PM.
  • Confirmation candidates will also be asked to attend Sunday Mass and Sunday youth night from 7-8:00PM.
  • Calendar: 2020-2021

Year 2 Candidates:

  • Meets every first and third Tuesday from October 6, 2020 to May 25, 2021 from 7:00PM to 8:15PM.
  • Confirmation candidates will also be asked to attend Sunday Mass and Sunday youth night from 7-8:00PM.
  • Calendar: 2020-2021

Year 2 Candidates Must Submit These Prior to Final Interview:

Please call the parish office at 858-755-2545 or email Mrs. Virginia López at to schedule. Both parents and candidate must attend. Interviews are available in person or via Zoom. This is an introductory interview, there is no need to prepare anything.

Year 2 candidates need to schedule a 2nd/ “exit” interview with the pastor to be completed from April 19 and May 14, 2021. Again, both parents must attend. Here are some questions that may be asked during the interview – GUIDE

Please submit either PDF in the bottom or the online form. Candidate must also submit a letter explaining why he/she has chosen this person to journey with towards Confirmation. 
FORM: Online (Candidate portion – Sponsor portion) or download

Candidates have been learning about the lives of saints. They have chosen a “Confirmation Saint”. They must write a half-page bio about their saint and, in a paragraph, explain why they have chosen this saint.

Candidates will need to complete 10 hours of community service through St. James – St. Leo sponsored events (check with Evangely first). Youth Ministry offers opportunities for service monthly. (see Youth Page)
FORM: Online or download

A copy of their Baptismal Certificate should have been submitted upon registration, make sure it has been received. You may email it to:

Evangely Aliangan Ward
Director of Youth Ministry
858-755-2545 ext. *114