Youth Confirmation

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A New Paradigm of Discipleship

Confirmation preparation is a two-year process within the high school years, preparing not only for the sacrament, but also for the youth to become active members of the Catholic Church. We are excited to announce a shift in our paradigm for forming young disciples, based on mentors within a small group discipleship model. It is within relationships that we find deep connection to our faith—in our relationship with Christ and with each other.

Let’s face it—parents hope that their teens foster a love for the Catholic faith as they complete the sacraments. Just as Jesus mentored his first disciples and the faithful met in homes in the early Church, this small group approach can meet the needs of teens with the goal of transforming their spiritual lives through mentor relationships. The sacrament of confirmation can then be seen for what it is—a strengthening along the way to the true purpose of life-long Eucharistic participation.

Will there be confirmation classes?

Teens will meet every other week, and have the opportunity to form close relationships with mentors in a group setting to meet their spiritual needs. Parents will be empowered to engage with their teens, and in turn, grow in the faith. Opportunities will be provided for teens from different small groups to come together for retreat and other experiences.