Sermons by Deacon Bill Kazmierowicz

4th Sunday of Lent

Welcome to the fourth Sunday of Lent, we are about 20 days into the season or roughly at halftime. This is when we go back to the locker room andconsider what’s working and what’s not and how to approach the secondhalf. Today’s readings gives us powerful spiritual fuel as they talk about how God sees […]

First Sunday of Lent

Today is the first Sunday of Lent.  We’re 3 to 4 days into Lent and some of you, like me, are still be thinking, how do I make this Lent more meaningful?  Let’s look at Noah and his voyage in the ark and see if he can help spark a new spiritual journey in us […]

Baptism of the Lord HOMILY

Maybe today’s Baptism of the Lord can kickoff a baptism of our nation and help to move us in a new direction.  I’ll start with a full disclosure, I’m a big fan of St. John the Baptist and he plays a big role in the baptism of Jesus which we celebrate today.  John’s life is […]

Final Sunday of Advent

On this final Sunday of Advent, we are reminded of two of God’s favorite people and pillars of our faith, King David and the Blessed Mother.  As we prepare for the light of the world to come on Christmas day, let’s take a look at how God lights the way in their lives.     In […]