A Note from the Pastor – May 27

This weekend we celebrate that day when Jesus Christ, having risen from the dead and appeared to his disciples with his gift of peace and his command to preach to all the nations, ascended to heaven to be with the Father forever. The portion of his mission which necessitated his physical presence here on earth had ended, but the mission was far from over. It was entrusted first to his disciples, then in turn to every baptized Christian. Let us pray today for the courage and wisdom to carry on Christ’s mission in our world today. Please read the message of his Holiness Pope Francis for the 56th World Day of Social Communications “Listening with the ear of the heart.” (link) It is good to be Catholic!

This weekend, Memorial Day, we also honor and pray for the men and women in the U.S. military who gave their lives in service of our country.

Let us pray for the forty St. Leo teens who are gathering this weekend at Whispering Winds, our Diocesan campsite. Our two young priests are there for personal spiritual accompaniment, and the weekend is under the responsibility of trained youth, supported by Youth Ministry volunteers and by a team of adults in adoration and intercession for these three days!

Next weekend at Pentecost (June 5th), we will welcome the confirmandi and their families at the Sunday 5pm Mass presided by Bishop McElroy.  Spread the word that Pentecost next Sunday (June 4-5) is one of the greatest days of the Church’s calendar! Wearing red is strongly suggested for parishioners. As a family we keep the family ritual of having red flowers and a gathering with a prayer to the Holy Spirit.