A Note from the Pastor – June 30

He who loses his life finds it. Play on words between losing and finding; an essential paradox found six times on Jesus’ lips. We understand that to lose is not letting life slip away or go astray but actively giving it away. As one does with a gift, with treasure spent drop by drop.

I hear the echo of Jesus’ words again: Whoever has lost his life for my sake will find it. Jesus speaks of a cause to live for, which is worth more than life itself. And He, who lost it for humanity’s sake, found it again three days after the Cross.

Ultimately, our life is rich and wholesome only in what we have given to someone. Something small: whoever has given a glass of fresh water will keep the reward. Which one? God does not reward with things. God cannot give anything less than Himself. The reward is Himself.

A glass of water! Something that even the poorest person can offer.

Then Jesus lets us know that we must do it with our fresh water; it must be suitable for the great heat, the best water you have, almost affectionate water, with the echo of the heart. Giving life through a glass of fresh water sums up the unique pedagogy of Christ. The Gospel is in the Cross, but the whole Gospel is also in a glass of fresh water.

And what’s unique about that glass? It has your heart in it.