A Note from the Pastor – July 7

The Gospel records one of those sudden roadblocks that ignited Jesus’ words with wonder. The source of divine joy stemmed from the little ones, the children, the women, the simple of heart, and the poor because when God moves nimbly, they immediately get it.

In the Bible, God’s economy of littleness supports those often overlooked. This idea runs throughout history and reflects God’s belief in simplicity with profundity.

Warning: The presence or absence of wealth doesn’t make a person “little” or “simpler” because the root of the little one’s behavior depends not on possessions but on the richness of the heart.

Now, King Herod arrested John the Baptist, the religious and political leaders wanted Jesus out of the picture, and the early steam of the Gospel evaporated.

Jesus, instead of disappointed, is amazed and enchanted with the little ones who keep his message in their hearts. Now Jesus sends an invite: “Come to me, all weary and burdened, and I will give you rest:” his hands are where you can regain the breath of courage.

“Learn from me;” to go to him is to go to the school of life. Jesus, a powerless but royal man, free as the wind, whom no one could ever buy or enslave, and who is the source of free lives, teaches how to live well.

Take upon yourselves the ancient novelty of the Gospel, which never wounds what lies at man’s heart, but gives humans joy and life and makes them smell like heaven.