A Note from the Pastor – June 10

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Three persons in one God. Easy to say, but difficult to understand, for it is a mystery beyond our comprehension. In the Gospel, Jesus tells the disciples that everything the Father has is his and that the Holy Spirit will take from all that they have. Their relationship to each other is complete and entire. The Father sent the Son to be united with humanity, to suffer with us, and to redeem us. The Father and Son sent the Holy Spirit to be with us always, guiding and sanctifying us. We come together to praise God, who through the Trinity has given us more than we could ever expect.

More good news from Rome: Pope Francis on Friday named San Diego Auxiliary Bishop John P. Dolan to lead the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona (link). Bishop John Dolan, 60, succeeds Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, whose resignation was accepted on June 10, after turning 75, the usual age of retirement for bishops. Phoenix is the fifth-largest city in the U.S. and serves 1.2 million Catholics (link). Bishop Dolan will begin his assignment in early August. Dolan, a strong Spanish-speaker, has been an auxiliary bishop in San Diego, a diocese of almost 1.4 million Catholics, since 2017.