A Note from the Pastor – July 28

Jesus used two similar parables to vividly depict faith’s beauty, similar to when the sun rises silently to create a golden background.

He evokes treasures and pearls, beautiful and unusual terms in our relationship with God. It is the language of novels and pirates; in those adventures, we usually don’t find priests or liturgies, first communion kids, or teenagers during confirmation; however, these are guideposts leading us toward our ultimate goal of discovering the treasure.

Jesus articulates faith life as a vitality that transforms beings, making them go, run and even fly. There is more treasure than what might appear, and it is growing in intensity, eternity, addition, and not subtraction. Religion basically amounts to expansion.

Having found the treasure, the human goes, full of joy, sells everything, and buys that field, for it emanates joy.

Making decisions is vital. The vision of a sad Christianity, which only wakes up in moments of crisis pushed by a sense of duty and guilt, is far removed from the sunny faith of Jesus. God has chosen to speak to us about conversion as the language of new life and joy, which is why he still seduces us.

But is God for you a treasure or only a duty? Is He a pearl or a burden? I feel like a lucky farmer and am grateful to the One who made me stumble over a treasure, pearls, and a life filled with faith: meeting Christ was the best deal of my life! This journey of faith is short for those who crave true love.