A Note from the Pastor – July 21

Good and evil, good seed and bad weeds have taken root in my turf: My heart seems to be a battleground for the opposing forces of life and death. And from that reality, the Lord Jesus develops one of his most beautiful parables to guide me on my inner journey in God’s style.

My first reaction when confronted with bad weeds is always: Lord, should I go and pluck the weeds? My instinct suggests: rip it out, uproot immediately what is childish, flawed, and immature in you. Rip it out, and you will be fine and produce fruit. But in me, there is also a conscious, adult, and serene peace sown by the God of agricultural patience: don’t pull out the weeds, he says; you risk uprooting even the good grain.

I am not my faults, but my ripenings; I am not fashioned after the Enemy and his darkness, but after the Father and his nourishing bread.

Our purpose on this earth is to make our hearts beat with divine rhythm after a fulfilling and fruitful journey, despite our imperfections.

Good is more important than evil; light counts more than darkness; an ear of good wheat is worth more than all the darnel in the field.

Let us revere the forces of goodness, generosity, and welcoming tenderness that God delivers to us. Let these erupt in all their strength, power, and beauty, and we shall see the weeds disappear, for they will find no more soil.