A Note from the Pastor – Jan. 27

In this Sunday’s teaching, we witnessed the first lesson of the Lord Jesus in the gospel of Matthew; He chose the outdoors, on the hill, with the lake as the background, and as the first topic, he chose happiness.

It could be because it is the thing we most lack, that we all seek in various ways and on all days. Because life is, and can only be, a continuous search for happiness because God wants happy children.

The young rabbi seems to know the secret and sums it up this way: God gives joy to those who produce love and adds life to those who build peace. He stands against the grain of all the new or old masters, those fascinated by self-fulfillment, captivated by the pursuit of their wellbeing, who refer everything to themselves.

The master of life lines up the poor, the meek, the hungry, people with clear and good hearts, those who care about the common good, and who have their eyes in the eyes and hearts of others.

God walks with you: you who build oases of peace, who prefer peace to victory; keep going, it’s the right way, don’t stop, don’t deviate, because this road goes straight to the happy blossoming of being, to new heavens and the new earth, it gives birth to freer and more authentic people.

Then, we resemble the sober yet joyous older brother, Jesus Christ.