A Note from the Pastor – Feb. 10

Jesus’ aim was not a “new morality” but a liberation.

But how is this possible? When Mary said, “Yes, your will be done,” she gave birth to God. So we, like her, can bring God into the world: give birth to love.

You have heard what was said. But I say to you: Jesus does not contrast the old morality with a better super-morality but unveils the secret soul of the law: “His gospel is not morality but shocking liberation.” Jesus takes the norm and digs deeper, touching two decisive directions: the heart and the person.

You’ve heard “You shall not kill,” but I say to you, “Look inwards.” Whoever is angry with his brother, that is, whoever fosters anger and resentment, is already in his heart a murderer. 

Jesus heads to the source: Go back to your heart and heal it; only then can you heal your deeds. Return to your heart and guard it because it is the source of life. Do not swear; let your vows be “Yes – No.” From the prohibition of oaths comes the prohibition of lies. Speak the truth always, and there will be no need to swear. It does not summon die-hard heroes, and does not address saints, but authentic people, simply men and women who are sincere in heart.