A Note from the Pastor – Feb 23

In the center of the Gospel of Mark, we reach a mountain of light; as in a diptych, the first part of his booklet before the mountain recounts marvelous miracles with the scent of Godly love, and the second part, starting here, draws the other face of the Nazarene, He is the Son of the living God.

The story is artfully woven with the golden threads of the language of Exodus: mountain, cloud, Moses, and bright revelation. New instead is Peter’s enthusiastic cry: how beautiful it is here! An experience of beauty from which joy gushes forth like waterfalls. Jesus’ being displays true happiness here.

And his disciples rejoice in him. Jesus is happy because the light is the symptom that he, the rabbi of Nazareth, is walking well towards the face of God, and then because he feels his Father’s tenderness when he hears: You are beloved! These are words that every son would like to listen to. Joyful when he speaks of his dreams with the most splendid dreamers of the Bible, Moses and Elijah, the liberator and the prophet.

The three disciples near him didn’t understand much. When their Master is taken, chained, tortured, and crucified, they must recall the light. Like them, it will be imperative for us to search our soul’s archives for moments of consolation, peaceful prayers, and God’s light.

Reveal the light within you, both in the mundane and the most transcendent prayers; radiate it for the world to behold.