A Note from the Pastor – March 8

Nicodemus holds Jesus in high esteem and wants to understand more, but not too much to compromise his position as chief Pharisee, so he goes to him at night. First surprise: the Jesus who commands “let your yes mean yes” respects Nicodemus’ dread, does not get lost in the confines of his little consistency, but shows understanding for his role concern, though will turn him into the brave one who will stand up to his group (Jn. 7:50) and come at sundown on Good Friday (Jn. 19:39) to take care of the body of the Crucified One.

When all the brave ones flee, the fearful Nicodemus goes under the cross, carrying thirty pounds of aloes and myrrh, an excess amount, an excess of affection and gratitude for now crucified Jesus.

Jesus transformed him. It is a new way for us who the teachers of the spirit have always clutched at the alternative: consistency or inconsistency, endurance or weakness.

Jesus shows a third way: respect that embraces imperfection, trust that welcomes frailty and transforms it. Jesus’ third way is to believe in the person’s journey more than in the goal, to focus on the humble truth of the first step more than on reaching the distant goal. Jesus can make even deserts bloom unexpectedly.

In that nocturnal dialogue, Jesus communicates the essentials of faith in a few words: God so loved the world! It’s a certainty, God is love who saves you.

Nicodemus felt loved and couldn’t hide it anymore, would you?