A Note from the Pastor – Feb 16

The Spirit pressed Jesus into the desert, and he remained there for forty days, tempted by Satan. The temptation? A choice between two loves. Temptation asks you to select the compass, the north star for your heart. If you don’t desire, you don’t live, at least not with a whole heart.

God speaks to you as to Israel while trekking through the desert wilderness. You may not completely heal your problems, but humanity’s maturity consists of embarking on a journey with patience (you mature not when you solve everything but when you have patience and harmony with everything). Then you realize that God speaks to you in fragility and that the Spirit is the one who enables you to re-enchant the whole of reality, starting with your desolation.

The rainbow, launched on Noah’s ark after forty days in the Flood, takes new roots in the desert in Jesus’ forty days. I glimpse its power in the words: “he stood with the beasts, and the angels served him.”

I hear the echo of the lost Garden of Eden resounding again. Jesus rebuilds the lost harmony, and nothing is frightening anymore; propagate this in your family.

Jesus went into Galilee to proclaim, “The Kingdom of God is at hand.”

Jesus proclaims the ‘Gospel of God’- God as “good news.” The rabbi of Nazareth’s original characteristic was proclaiming the Gospel; God has made himself close, he is a loving ally, he is an embrace, new covenant, a kiss on every creature.