Homilies (Page 2)

Fr. Gerard’s Corner – Nov. 11th

In the patriarchal societies in which these two widows lived, widowhood was an especially dangerous condition. When a woman married, she left the safety of her household and became dependent on her husband. If her husband died, she not only lost her partner, she lost her source of income, her economic standing, her social support, and likely her inheritance rights.  No wonder […]

Sunday, September 9

23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time B (Is 35:4-7; Jas 2:1-5; Mk 7:31-37) By John H. Howard, C.J.M Although the words of Scriptures we read today were written long ago, God always speak to us in the present. When it was proclaimed by the prophets or by Jesus himself, it had an immediate application but also […]

Stewardship Reflection – July 15th

“He instructed them to take nothing for the journey.” When Jesus sent his Apostles out, He sent them “two by two,” and He basically commanded them to take nothing on the journey: “no food, no sack, no money in their belts.” The point of the Lord is that all they needed was to trust in God. Jesus more or less says the same thing to us. […]

Feast Day of Saints Peter and Paul

On June 29 the Church celebrates the feast day of Sts. Peter & Paul. As early as the year 258, there is evidence of an already lengthy tradition of celebrating the solemnities of both Saint Peter and Saint Paul on the same day. Together, the two saints are the founders of the See of Rome, […]