“You are the Church. Your voice matters.”

How can my voice possibly make a difference in the Church? It can. Pope Francis has requested that all churches across the world ask questions that will help discern what is needed in our Church today. We are all invited to share our personal experiences of joy, disappointment, and hope in our Church. Whether you are actively engaged in the parish or have found yourself taking a break from church life, everyone is invited.

St. James-St. Leo is organizing small groups of six to eight people, led by experienced facilitators. You only need to attend one session. The Diocese of San Diego will listen to our collective voices. Our parish leadership is especially committed to listening to you to better serve our parish families. Every voice matters.


  • Register online by using the button below; OR
  • Complete a card at church: Return to a hospitality minister, clergy, staff member, or to the collection basket or parish office.