Welcome Fr. Azam!

Welcome to Fr. Azam Vianney Mancha, CJM! 

Fr. Azam is a Eudist priest who will be in residence at St. James-St. Leo for the time being. He was born in Pakistan and studied theology in Pakistan and the Philippines.

Ordained last year, he has a Licentiate in Theology, specializing in Mariology. Recently he was a Director of the Eudist Retreat Center in the Philippines.

He speaks Urdu, English, Tagalog, and French. He is available to teach spirituality and biblical studies. Fr. Azam will be living at the rectory on Santa Helena. 

You many hear him referred to as either Fr. Vianney (his Christian name), or Fr. Azam (his Pakistani first name). Mancha is his family name.