St. James RCIA Program


Much gratitude goes to our pastor Fr. Gerard Lecomte and Deacon Peter Hodsdon, for their wisdom and servant leadership.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our catechists Neil Quinn, Kate Fornaca, and Steve Marshall, FFC and SJA teachers, as well as to all of our sponsors and godparents. 

Many thanks to Pauline Wright (Director of Music), Kathy Nobles (sacristan), Neil Quinn and James Ingram (lectors), and especially to Cathryn Flynn (ministry support).

Many thanks to Andy Farra of Astray Photography for volunteering his services. He is from St. Brigid parish in Pacific Beach, and we are so grateful for his time and talent.

Many thanks to our own Greg Lefevre and Cathryn Flynn  for making the wonderful video possible, and for the talented editing of Niko Kuhn.

And thank you, our newest Catholics, for trusting this part of your faith journey to St. James-St. Leo Catholic Community. Your grace-filled sacraments mark a new beginning! It’s all about relationship, with God and with others. Let us now help you find your place in our parish to make a lasting connection to our faith. 
Welcome home!

Pamela Smith
Director of Religious Education