Sept. 17 Message

Fr. Gerard Lecomte, CJM

This weekend’s readings can be quite unpleasant. Envious instigators plot revenge against a righteous soul. James explains that greed and envy are at the root of conflict. Jesus again warns his disciples that soon he will be handed over to men intent on killing him. But there is a loving Christian response to all this. Listening to today’s readings, note the difference selflessness can make.

This week’s theme for the Eucharistic initiative is: “The Eucharist is the sacrificial memorial of Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection by which we have been redeemed.” The taped homilies will be available at noon on each of the Sundays they are presented (Diocese Website HERE! ).  Please share them with fellow parishioners, friends and family.

This weekend is Catechetical Sunday! Catechists are those who share their faith with others. There will be blessing this weekend for those who work to spread the faith in our community. Please stand to be blessed at St. James (9am and Sun 5pm Masses), and St. Leo (both Masses). This includes SJA and FFC teachers, aides, and helpers, RCIA, Youth and Young Adult Ministry, and Adult Faith Formation, and others who teach and share the faith. We will also have a special blessing for parents who are the primary educators of their children. Thank you for the wonderful work you do to spread the Catholic faith in our community!