A Time to Pray

In this challenging time, it is very important that we pray for each other. You will see in this newsletter how so many people are practicing their faith by reaching out and helping others. We are all less able to physically help one another, but we can all pray! Please pray for our families, our parish, our diocese, our country, and our world. In this time, we can pray our rosaries over Zoom with loved ones, learn lectio divina, or consider keeping a prayer journal.

As your pastor, I want you to know that if you requested a Mass Intention for March or April, be assured that they are being offered at Mass. We will publish them weekly going forward as they would appear in the bulletin.

Mass Intentions

Monday, April 20 — Dr. Gene Izuno †
Tuesday, April 21 — Rebecca Casino †
Wednesday, April 22 — Trevor Botha †
Thursday, April 23 — Charles Schwaebe †
Friday, April 24 — Evelyn Jerde