A Note from the Pastor – October 14

The Gospel takes us to a school of prayer from the point of view of a widow, a beautiful figure of a woman, strong and dignified, not giving up, fragile and indomitable at the same time.

Jesus told a parable about the need to pray always. But we are so busy, which makes us think it’s impossible. But praying always should not be confused with reciting prayers without interruption; Jesus himself said: when you pray, do not multiply words.

A moment in intimacy with God is worth more than reciting a thousand psalms with an absent mind (Evagrius Ponticus). Because “praying” is similar to “loving.” There is always time to love: if you love someone, you always love them.

One does not pray to change God’s will, but to change our human heart. One does not pray to obtain but to be transformed. Contemplating the Lord transforms us into that same image (2 Corinthians 3:18). I become who I contemplate with the eyes of the heart. You look radiant when you pray.