A Note from the Pastor – Nov. 11

Fr. Ricardo Chinchilla, CJM

Where is the good news about God and man in this Gospel of catastrophes, in this flashing of swords and falling planets?

The reading starts by reassuring us. Beyond deceitful prophets, beyond wars and betrayals, even when hatred should be rampant everywhere, there is that poignant expression: “But not a hair of your head shall be lost.”  

There will come days when “no stone will be left upon a stone” of what you see. That is true; there’s nothing man-made that is eternal. But consider that Adam, when God formed him, was touched by God’s eternal hand and even God’s breath to grant him life. So likewise, Jesus breathed on us his Holy Spirit; we are marked by God’s eternity.

When all the described turmoil occurs, we cannot think to remain passive viewers; the reading warns us: “It will lead to your giving testimony,” knowing you will still be safe in God’s hand. Not stone upon stone of our magnificent buildings will remain, meaning what was important yesterday might not be there today; our discernment and detachment will guarantee we will still be at peace.

God, like a lover, will take care of every detail of his beloved.