A Note from the Pastor – Nov 10

Jesus guides us on an adventure where even the faintest light can vanquish the darkest shadows to celebrate life with a joyous feast.

At first sight, the main characters in the parable come across as disorienting.
The bridegroom with his exaggerated tardiness.
The five foolish ones have lamps but no spare oil.
The wise ones refuse to help their companions.
The master locked the house door.
Yet, this story is beautiful, and I like the frame of the biblical narrative, which affirms that certain moments in life don’t happen as usual because they foretell the arrival of life-changing events; that’s how the kingdom of God happens.

The girls ask: “Could you please share some of your oil with us?” — the answer is perplexing: “No, lest it fail us and you.”

Take responsibility – that’s the message: No one else can love on my behalf, be exemplary and honest in my place, or desire God for me; I have to carry my oil, which will translate into faithfulness.

Spiritual drowsiness can hinder us from marvelous revelations, but in the darkest moment, a person, a voice, a command awakens us. God’s Voice announces: “The bridegroom is here.”

God’s Voice awakens us every time, even in the thickest darkness, through a thousand ways.

That Voice, though sometimes resounding at midnight, will surely come; it will reawaken life from all discouragements, console me, and reassure me of his trust. I need a listening heart to rekindle it like a lamp.