A Note from the Pastor – May 5

“Do not be afraid, don’t let your hearts be troubled” are the opening words of the Gospel, the primary words of our relationship with God and life, the ones that should come to us as soon as we open our eyes every morning.

Jesus sets the tone by which the disciples must embrace his upcoming departure; if they get desperate and feel abandoned, the tears will keep pouring forever. Therefore, he says: Don’t be afraid and don’t let your hearts be troubled, followed by “have faith in me.” Though still sad, the tears will have a roadmap where he is in control.

Jesus has a clear proposal to help us overcome fear: have faith in the Father and me. The opposite of fear is not courage but faith in the good news that God is love and will not let you down; faith in Jesus, who is “the way, the truth, the life.” Three immense words. Inseparable from each other. He doesn’t say: “I will speak to you about life,” but “I am the true way that leads to life.”

They need to look directly into his eyes and recall every encounter with lepers, the blind, and the lame; his presence is like living waters filled with peace, hope, and life; now, their troubled hearts can benefit from the springs of salvation.

In my existence, there is an equation: more God equals more quality “me.” More Gospel in me means more life in me, a life of an indestructible quality.