A Note from the Pastor – May 19

The disciples have a date with Jesus at a familiar mountain after his crucifixion and glorious resurrection.

Even though they feel undeserving of his invitation, they cannot afford to miss this meeting. They know he will provide what is needed to fulfill his purpose if he calls them. So it’s not a farewell but a confirmation.

They followed him for three years on the roads of Palestine, did not wholly understand his message, but knew he had power surpassing their doubts.

And suddenly, he appeared; the disciples fell to the ground when they saw him; only eleven men, scared and confused, and a few brave and faithful women.

He says something no one else could: “All power has been given to me,” it’s the premise of why he called them. He is the source of all good and blessings.
“Therefore, go! This power will be in you.”

It was not the end but the start of a love story between God and his creation, where the weak become strong, the hopeless see the light, and the weary have enough confidence to move mountains. They thought all along that it was about them, only to confirm that it was about his eternal love.

Too often, we remain fixated on our troubles and lack of strength. Now, like an older brother holding our shoulders to look at him, he says: “I am with you until the end of time.”

Okay, my Lord and my God, I trust in you!