A Note from the Pastor – March 3

Jesus made his way up a high mountain. The mountains are like index fingers pointing to the mystery and depths of the cosmos, and they tell us that life is an ascent to more light.
After reaching the summit, suddenly Jesus’ face shines like the sun.

That human face of sunshine is also our face: everyone has within himself a treasure of light, an inner sun (you are the light of the world), a beauty that we share with God.

We are surprised that Lent, a time we consider and sometimes judge to be sad, penitential, and purple, now comes with a gospel of light, reminding us that spiritual life consists of the joyful effort to peel off layers of dead memories and hurts and release the light and beauty buried within us, and then, helping others to do the same.

That’s why the Gospel comes, like springtime: it de-ices hearts. It awakens that bright, smiling, generous and joyful part of us inside, the core, the heart, our true identity.

Peter planned to remain up there, but suddenly God the Father gave Peter and us a hint; to peel off the soul’s pesky hurts and annoyances, we must listen to Jesus.

And Jesus already told us, “You are light!”

We must climb that mountain every morning and leave our burdens there, but come down; your loved ones need you shining bright.