A Note from the Pastor – June 7

This Sunday, we witness the first sprouts of Jesus’ mission. His arrival thrilled everyone, and people, filled with curiosity and eagerness, started flocking to the house, each yearning to listen to him.

Jesus started sharing God’s love with peace, healing, restoration, and compassion for those in need.

News of his wonders spread like a much-needed breeze on a hot day. Suddenly, religious leaders from the south showed up to express their critique of this new preacher and miracle maker; the Sadducees’ method, based on derision, downgraded Jesus to the devil’s pawn.

Jesus, with much respect, calls them on their nonsensical judgment of his ministry because healing a tormented soul can never be compared to evil.

Isaiah prophesied: Woe to those who call evil good; and similarly woe to those who call goodness evil (Is 5,20.)

From the north, by contrast, his family showed up with concerns about his mental health. He is preaching, and now he commands demons to leave tormented souls alone; Mary surely understands because the words from the annunciation were as evident as the sun, but the clan doesn’t understand; they want to take him away.

The Sadducees and Jesus’s family needed to open their hearts and minds. Glancing at and passing judgment from the barriers was not enough; they should come in and listen to him directly.

Being a Christian isn’t achieved with a fleeting visit but by getting immersed in the words of our savior: “Let it be done to me according to your words.”