A Note from the Pastor – June 16

Jesus asserts, “The harvest is abundant.”

When we look at our world, it might seem that the fields of society are arid and the times bleak. In the opinion of many, much has to happen until the harvest, with tremendous efforts to mix seed and sweat, and still return empty-handed like Peter on the lake. Surprisingly, Jesus revealed to us that the harvest is plentiful; We perceived humanity covered in dark ash while God observed the condition of our hearts.

I need to remember the field is his; Jesus puts the seed in and grows the world. There is much to harvest because the soil is good; the story rises positively toward a summer fragrant with fruit and not toward an arid desert.

From above, God looks and sees that the world is still a good thing; He still has faith in humanity’s goodness, including you and me. Every heart is a turf of earth sown with divine seed: a mystery passes between the heart of the individual and God, on which I, gatherer and shepherd, do not intervene but admire and give thanks.

I need to learn to see things as he sees them. I must be ready to tell my neighbors to rejoice because God has blessed them, and returning to God is imperative; like holding your breath too long in anger, now breathe and bless, and life will follow.

Each of us is the thirteenth apostle, same gospel and mission as the twelve: proclaiming that the kingdom of God is near. Say: God is here; God is with you; God loves you.