A Note from the Pastor – Jan. 6

Epiphany, the feast of the faraway seekers of God 

The Magi’s journey is full of mistakes:

  • They lose track of the star.
  • They instinctively go to the big city of Jerusalem instead of the small Bethlehem village.
  • They ask a child murderer about baby Jesus.
  • They expected the palace to be his home and ended up finding him in a poor cozy house.

Their journey resembles every Christian’s life, full of hits and misses; little by little, they start tuning their hearts to God’s frequency.

They have infinite patience to start again. Our biggest challenge is not falling but to stop trying after our falls. And behold, they persevered, found the Child in his mother’s arms, prostrated themselves, and offered gifts. Ultimately, the most precious gift the Magi bring is their journey, not the gold. The priceless gift is the months spent searching, recalculating, and still going, moved by a desire stronger than arid deserts and pains.

Our journey as Christians might seem pointless after our frailty appears to prevail, but keep hope; every stop we make takes us closer; we will arrive and see him. Keep inquiring about the Child, keep your faith, and as every Catholic knows, be perseverant; you will reach your goal and worship him too!