A Note from the Pastor – Dec. 31

Aware of the significance of the blessed star and drawn by its distinctive light, the magi traveled from distant lands to reach Bethlehem. They are the first people outside the immediate area to come and greet the newborn king. This weekend we gather thousands of miles from Bethlehem, and over two thousand years from the holy event. Yet we too are drawn by our faith to this holy place to seek out the Son of God and do him homage. Let us in turn make Christ manifest to others wherever we go.

I want to thank everyone who sent me Christmas cards and all those who were so generous to the community, the poor and even gave an offering to the clergy. We thank all the volunteers who made our Christmas celebrations so special! We celebrate the Epiphany this coming weekend with so many treasures you bring. During this weekend we will pray especially for Christians from the East!

Sunday is also the beginning of the National Migration Week. Please connect to the USCCB link for more information: https://www.usccb.org/committees/migration