A Note from the Pastor – Dec. 10

Fr. Gerard Lecomte, CJM

How was your liturgical week?  It was so great to see so many people united in our church for the Immaculate Conception! Our students took the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of reconciliation.

We celebrate our Lady of Guadalupe at St Leo this coming Saturday at 8pm. What a great opportunity to pray to our continent’s patroness. 

We rejoice as we begin the second half of this season of preparation, for we realize that the Lord is already in our midst. While remembering our Lord’s birth over two thousand years ago and looking forward to his coming again in glory at the end of time, we prepare our hearts for his presence here today, praying that every day we can express his good news in what we say and do. May our words and actions witness to the world the true meaning of Christ’s birth. Rose Sunday: Gaudete! Why not a bouquet of deep pink roses somewhere in evidence, woven into the greens of the Advent wreath? Be sure to light three candles of the Advent wreath at home.

We welcome you to attend our Mass of Anointing at 10am, December 15, 2021. (No 8:15am Mass.) Our prayer is that the Sacrament of Anointing empowers us and everyone in pain.