A Note from the Pastor – Dec 1

Advent opens a bright horizon in our path. The Gospel tells of one night and its possibilities: “You do not know when the master will come, early evening, or at midnight.” (Mark 13:35).

One thing was sure: he would come. But in the meantime, Isaiah struggles on our behalf against God’s timeline: “Return for the sake of your servants; If you would rend the heavens and descend.”

However, patience is required even for the sunrise or the recovery of an ill loved one. It seems little to us because we want to be active, do, build, and determine things and events.

Since God is not deserved but welcomed, not conquered but longed for, two attitudes are treasured: be vigilant and wait. (Mk. 13:33, 35, 37).

In the Gospel, the gatekeeper is the only assigned role because he has these virtues; therefore, he is ready to open doors to what’s suitable for the household, even when the master reveals a cross.

The Gospel emphasizes the extent of being vigilant and patient because everything can become a threat without these qualities. Defensive apostle Peter chose denial when a maid questioned at the priest’s house if he knew Jesus.

When we trust God peacefully during incertitude, we glimpse his serene whispers. Peace is not the lack of problems but the confidence that nobody can take my peace, even in darkness.

Like a worthy gatekeeper, we have a delightful gift: remaining joyful yet bruised by our crosses, Christ’s love keeps our souls awake.