A Note from the Pastor – August 19

It is no accident that the words “disciple” and “discipline” come from the same root: Latin disciplina, meaning “teaching.” As disciples of the Lord, we are taught through discipline. We need that discipline when we are tempted to compromise our ethics or ignore our conscience and do something we shouldn’t or fail to do something we should. Hebrews reminds us that God’s discipline is given out of love, to keep our conscience strong and our feet on the narrow path. May we keep to the discipline of being a true disciple and resolve to learn from our missteps.

It was a great celebration of Saint John Eudes today. Gathering of all the Eudists and priests friends, with the lay associates! Congratulations to Jannet, Blanca, Anyulie and Vicente for their entering the Eudist Congregation. See below for photos.