A Note from the Pastor

Fr. Gerard Lecomte, CJM

This weekend is the Second Sunday of Easter or Sunday of Divine Mercy. The introduction to the liturgy of the day “Lord, have mercy” that we pray at the beginning of Mass calls upon the Lord to have mercy on us in our sinfulness. We celebrate that divine mercy, the mercy that is stronger than any fault, any wrong, any sin, the mercy that always seeks to reconcile us with the Lord, the mercy that led God to send the Son to win us our salvation. Let us rejoice that we are always able to receive that tender mercy.

Let us have an overview of these coming Sundays:
Each year the Fifty Days of Easter have a kind of “shape” formed by the Sunday scriptures: The second and third Sundays offer encounters with the risen Christ. The fourth always brings us into the arms of the Good Shepherd. The gospels of the fifth, sixth, and seventh Sundays are drawn from Jesus’ “farewell discourse” in John’s Gospel, and often the subject is Christian love. In these passages, as in other places in John’s Gospel, Jesus identifies himself with the divine title “I am,” followed by another title—such as “the way, the truth and the life” and “the vine.”  

Have a good week! Don’t forget to pray for vocations!