Foundation Day!

Happy Foundation Day – Celebrating 377 years! Nuns, priests and faithful together have been inspired by St. John Eudes!

We are thankful for more than 40 years of their service here in Solana Beach!

Foundation Day!

On this day in 1643, St. John Eudes and his five companions took a pilgrimage which changed countless lives for centuries to come.

They set out from Caen, France, after nightfall so as to avoid detection by those who would resist them. Praying together the whole way, they traveled 14 km (8.6 miles) on foot to the sanctuary of Notre Dame de la Delivrande, just a few minutes walk from the beaches of Normandy. There, before a statue of Our Lady which had been the site of miracles for over 900 years, they vowed together to live and die as members of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary. This act was the foundation of the CJM.

The effects of their ministry in formation and evangelization has rippled outward over 377 years. The impact of the priests they formed, the laity they empowered, and the love and mercy of God which they proclaimed is incalculable.

If you have felt a ripple of that impact yourself, please take a moment to thank God for the gift he gave the Church through a role model like St. John Eudes.