Food Distribution at St. Leo

Every Monday, our facilities manager Antonio Mendoza goes to Cathedral High School to pick up food from Catholic Charities, and volunteers unload the truck at St. Leo. We distribute food Tuesday through Friday from 6pm to 8pm, with a drive-thru system and check-in for participants. Packing assistants help to pack the food, and all safety rules are followed. We separate food received from Catholic Charities from food provided by parish donations and we let people know that it is from the parish. We also have a home delivery program, for participants with no car, or who cannot leave their homes.” Jannet Diaz

If you would like to offer food donations, what is needed is: bags of uncooked pinto beans, bags of uncooked white rice, cooking oil, cereal, hispanic pastas (fideos, elbow, letters, stars). You may drop off at the drive-thru Tuesday through Friday 6-8pm, thank you!

People in need can register at this participant  link. We already have distributed food for 70 families, with over 40 volunteers registered.

Thank you to Jannet Diaz, our staff DRE for St. Leo, for organizing this program with help from many volunteers, including Eva Rios, Marisol Sotelo, Teresa Perez, and Ana Zentella.