Financials Update

PHEW! St. James has now received government funds through the Payroll Protection Plan portion of the CARES Act. These funds cover salaries (of staff and school teachers), as well as utilities, through the end of June. This has been a great relief, since we are committed to continuing the salaries of all our dedicated staff and teachers. The normal course of action is to apply for forgiveness of this loan up to the amount that we use, with remaining funds returned. The Diocese has been extremely helpful with parishes applying for this program.

While these government funds will carry us through in the short term,  please continue your offering pattern as if there were an offertory.  We want to continue providing quality programs when we return, as well as maintaining our church grounds, and all of the other expenses outside of what these government funds cover.  The office is still processing mail if you send your checks there. (St. James-St. Leo, 625 S. Nardo Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075)

Please consider recurrent or one-time online giving. If you already give online, you should know that it is setup to only give each Sunday, and not special holidays.

Thank you for your financial and prayerful support!