A Note from the Pastor – May 10

This Sunday’s Gospel plays with impossibles. Jesus counts on only eleven frightened, confused men and a small core of faithful and courageous women. He didn’t give up on them. They followed him on the roads of Palestine. They did not understand much but loved him very much. Love is good soil for the Gospel, and they all came to the meeting on the hill on his last summons.

Upon seeing Jesus, they were filled with reverence, yet their faith was tinged with doubt. Jesus, in his infinite wisdom, placed immense trust in these men and women, even in their moments of uncertainty. At this point, unapologetically, he entered the next phase of his mission and entrusted them with the Gospel for the whole world, knowing that doubts and faith are inseparable, much like the poor Jesus spoke of.

The heavenly message is entrusted to the consecrated, loving small group and not to the wise and learned; from their simplicity, they shout, convinced, and powerfully, about how Jesus reigns.

Because he anoints the paralyzed hearts to beat again and to walk all the world’s roads: it is the law of the mustard seed, and now their burning hearts disseminate seeds of Gospel and new life to all they’ll meet.

They are seemingly weak, but preach strong and show the essence of heaven. He encourages them to reveal humanity’s radiant and noble face, reflecting the divine within us all. The Holy Spirit takes over them, and their message reaches the ends of Earth.