A Note from the Pastor – April 8

The palm branches we will bless symbolize the welcome Jesus received as he entered Jerusalem. In riding upon a colt newly pressed into service with people spreading their cloaks on the road before him, Jesus entered the city as the messianic king. Though he was not the Messiah they expected, the victory he went on to win on the cross over sin and death made him a king for all humanity, for all ages. May the palms we raise be symbols of the praise we give our Savior as he begins the days of his passion, death, and resurrection. “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord.”

This coming Wednesday of Holy week we will place the sick at the core of our intercession prayer. Mass will be celebrated at 10:00am in the church and will include the Anointing of the sick. We have the Anointing of the sick at a special mass three times during the year. Do you remember the dates?

I wish each one of you a wonderful Holy Week and Triduum.

Fr. Gerard