Corpus Christi procession and celebration

Join us as we celebrate the Solemnity of Corpus Christi (also known as Corpus Christi Sunday) with our annual Eucharistic procession and celebration.

Our community will gather for 9 AM Bilingual Mass at St. James, celebrated by Father John. Immediately after Mass, Fr. Ricky will lead the Eucharistic procession from St. James, through La Colonia park.  The procession will end at St. Leo Mission with benediction.

Lunch will be served at St. Leo.

If you will be joining the procession, please wear a white shirt or blouse and bring your rosary.

Note: The 10:30 Mass at St. Leo on June 7th is cancelled so parishioners may attend 9 AM Mass at St. James.

HELP NEEDED: If you are able to transport parishioners unable to walk in the procession to St. Leo and back to St. James following celebration, please contact:

Maria McEneany: 858-759-260 or

Lily Loh: