Welcome to our new Director of Hispanic Ministry!

This week we welcome Jannet Diaz as our new Director of Hispanic Ministry with residence at St. Leo Mission. Jannet has been serving our community for five years as Director of Religious Education for Spanish programs. She has a BS in Religious Studies, a diploma in Missiology, and an MA in Mexican Culture, Theology and Pastoral Theology. We cannot list the many qualifications that make our pastor happy to welcome Jannet as a gifted member of our leadership. We also welcome her family: Antonio, her husband, and her children, Isaac and Areli. As soon as we can gather, we will have una fiesta!

DONATIONS NEEDED For Improvements in Parish Apartment

On a visit to the apartment attached to St. Leo Mission, it was clear to those present that some improvements are greatly needed. Our new Director of Hispanic Ministry, Jannet Diaz, will soon be moving in with her family. With budgets tight, I have decided to make a plea to our generous parishioners to help with the purchase of new kitchen appliances and a new carpet.This apartment is a valuable asset to our parish. The ability to have a staff member on site is of high value. The current appliances are unreliable and not energy efficient. The carpet has been cleaned, but it is well worn and stained. If you would like to help with this effort, please make a donation toward the purchase of these items.

  • Estimated costs: Refrigerator $1,500, Oven $800, Microwave $ 400, Carpet $1,000. 
  • Donations can be made by sending a check to the St. James-St. Leo Catholic Community. Please write “apartment improvements” in the memo line.

Thank you for considering these needed improvements as we welcome Jannet and her family.In Jesus and Mary, Fr. Gerard Lecomte, CJM