Annual Catholic Appeal 2021

Kickoff Weekend February 13 & 14

January 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This past year has been a time of deep hardship and struggle for all of us. And yet we stand today with a profound sense of hope, in the vaccines that will be capable of delivering us from the darkness of pandemic.

For us as disciples of Jesus Christ, hope is the light that guides our pilgrim journey on this earth. The hope that springs from the love of a God who loves each of us personally and intimately with grace that knows no bounds. The hope which lies in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The hope that lies in the life of the Church which sustains us and nurtures us with the sacramental life and the call of the Gospel.

It is so appropriate that the theme of our Annual Catholic Appeal this year is “Renewing Hope.” For the work of the diocese of San Diego in the coming months will indeed be to reawaken and strengthen hope as we move out of pandemic and into a genuine renewal of the life of the Church in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

This reawakening will take place through our parishes, schools, families, and in our outreach to the needy and the marginalized in our midst. For this reason, the funds for the Annual Catholic Appeal this year will go to the formation of and care for our priests, who shepherd our parishes in this time of suffering and renewal. They will support our Catholic schools and faith formation programs, which bring hope and faith to our young people. The Appeal will support our office of marriage, family life and spirituality in its focus on strengthening the family at this key moment in our history. And the Appeal will help Catholic Charities to reach out to those who have suffered most greatly from the social and economic devastation of the past year.

In our Annual Catholic Appeal you will be bringing hope to our young people and families, to our parish communities and to our world. I ask you to prayerfully consider supporting this splendid work of the Lord.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Robert W. McElroy
Bishop of San Diego and Imperial Counties

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Your participation in our Annual Catholic Appeal accomplishes something very simple yet very powerful: it touches people’s hearts with God’s love through your gift and deepens our collective faith together. By contributing to our Renewing Hope campaign, you are helping our brothers and sisters to truly know and love Jesus Christ, His grace and His mercy.